STI test results

Within 10 business days of your STI test, you will receive an email about the results. To view the results, log in with personal login codes. You will find the personal login codes on the card you will receive at your test appointment.

Logging in for test results, how does it work?

  1. With the STI test, you will receive a card with personal login codes for the results
  2. You will be notified by email when your results are online
  3. The email contains a link to the secure results website
  4. On the results website, enter the ticket login codes
  5. You will now receive a code by text message (to the mobile number you provided)
  6. After entering the code from the text message, you will get to your results
  7. It says here whether you have an STI or not

An STI, now what?

Most STIs usually go away with medication. If you have been tested at the GGD, you will come back to us for those medications and an interview.

Warn sex partners
If you have been found to have an STI, chances are your sex partners also have an STI. By warning your sex partner(s), you can prevent the STI from being passed on. We will help you do this or if you prefer not to do this yourself, the GGD can warn your partners anonymously with your permission.

Not heard anything or login fails?

Haven't heard from us after 2 weeks or can't log in after you've been notified? Please call our doctor's assistant 088 002 99 10 (on working days between 10.30 - 12.30).  

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