STI test

Did you have sex without a condom? If so, you may have contracted an STI. You may have unpleasant symptoms from it. But you don't have to. Get tested if you have had sex without a condom. At the Sexual Health Center (CSG) of GGD Flevoland you can get free and anonymous testing for STDs.

STI means sexually transmitted disease. An STI is contagious. Even if you have no symptoms, you can pass on an STI to someone. With medication, an STI usually passes.

When do you get tested for an STI?

  • If you have had unprotected sex without a condom (even if the condom is torn)
  • After a warning from a bed partner or an ex, who has an STI
  • In case of physical complaints after sex without a condom
  • If you start a steady relationship and you want to have sex without condoms

Unsure if you should take an STI test? Do the STI check online through the website of STI AIDS Netherlands. After you fill out a few questions, you'll get immediate advice. You can also find more information about different STIs and HIV on the STI AIDS Netherlands website.

Who is the free and anonymous STD test at the CSG of Flevoland Municipal Health Services for?

You can visit the GGD for an STI test if you:

  • Are under 25 years of age
  • Have symptoms consistent with an STI
  • Have had sex with someone who has an STI
  • Are victims of sexual violence
  • More likely to get STDs because you:
    • as a man having sex with men
    • as transgender (also) have sex with men
    • Have sex in exchange for money or stuff
    • Or if sex is your job
    • comes from a country where STDs are more common

If you cannot go to the CSG at GGD Flevoland for an STI test

Unfortunately, not everyone can go to the GGD for an STD test. If you cannot come to us (quickly enough), you can

How does an STD test at the CSG of Flevoland Municipal Health Services go?

In the video below, Loeke takes you to her appointment for an STI test at GGD Utrecht. For more information about the STI test, visit

You will be notified by email when your results are known

You can log in to view the results. At the consultation hour it is explained how this works. If an STI is found, you will visit the CSG of GGD Flevoland again for medication.

An STI, now what?

Most STIs usually go away with medication. If you have been tested with us, you will also come back to us for those medications and an interview.

Warn sex partners
If you have been found to have an STI, chances are your sex partners also have an STI. By warning your sex partner(s), you can prevent the STI from being passed on. We will help you do this or if you prefer not to do this yourself, we can warn your partners anonymously with your permission.

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