For professionals

The Sexual Health Center (CSG) of GGD Flevoland is not only there for residents. Professionals such as (family) doctors, social workers, teachers and coaches can also contact us. We are there for peer consultation, sexual health guidelines and help and advice on sexual education.

Intercollegiate contact

Professionals can call the CSG Flevoland with questions or for consultations about STIs, PrEP, sex accidents, decision-making conversations in unplanned pregnancies and for advice around victims of sexual violence.

Mon to Fri 08:00 to 17:00 hours

Sexual health care guidelines

Useful websites about sexual health

Flevoland's sexual health in figures

The annual reports of the Center for Sexual Health of GGD Flevoland contain figures on the number of consultations and STIs found.

Learning kits for teachers and youth workers

Projects by/for partners

Sexual health education for youth groups

GGD Flevoland provides (training in) sexual health education for groups of young people. Are you an organization or teacher/youth worker interested in sexual health education? We gladly think along with you and discuss the possibilities that fit the target group your organization works with.

Contact us by email at include the following information in the mail in advance:

  • The name of the institution and contact person with contact information,
  • composition of the group(s)
  • any specifics that are important to know

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