Preventing HIV with PEP and PREP

HIV is a virus you can get from having sex without a condom. The virus makes your body increasingly unable to protect you from viruses and bacteria. There are medications to prevent HIV. The Center for Sexual Health of GGD Flevoland sometimes advises taking medication after unsafe sex (PEP). For some people, it is wise to take medication before having unsafe sex (PrEP).

Pep cure after risk of HIV

Have you had sex without a condom less than 72 hours ago? And are you afraid that you may have become infected with HIV in the process? Then you can contact us to determine if a PEP cure is necessary. PEP (Post Exposure Prophylaxis) is an emergency medication that prevents you from getting infected with HIV.

Call 088 002 99 10 (Mon-Fri 8:00-17:00) for advice or an appointment

Indicate that it is a PEP request. If you call early, you are more likely to be helped the same day. The sooner you start PEP, the less likely you are to contract HIV. PEP is a four-week treatment with HIV inhibitors. Outside office hours, you can go to the Spoedpost of the Flevo Hospital in Almere for PEP.

The doctor decides whether a PEP course is necessary based on your story

Because medications can have unpleasant side effects, you will only be given PEP if there is a very good chance that you have contracted HIV. If PEP is necessary, you will be referred to the Flevo Hospital Emergency Department.

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PrEP to stop HIV

PrEP (Pre Exposure Prophylaxis) is a medication to prevent HIV. You take this medication before sex. PrEP medication is only necessary if you know you are going to have sex where there is a high chance of contracting HIV. In the Netherlands, that chance is especially high for men who have sex with men.

Want more information about PrEP medication?

Make an appointment at our clinic and indicate that you are coming for PrEP. The doctor or nurse will decide if you are eligible for PrEP medication based on your story.

Where else can you go for PrEP?

More and more family doctors in the Netherlands are also providing PrEP care. Contact your family doctor to see if they can offer you PrEP care. If you prefer not to go to your GP, you can also go to other places for PrEP. On the website of PrEPnu and Roze in Wit you can find more information about other places where you can go for PrEP.

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